Frequently Asked Questions

What is CapabilityStatementLab and what kind of customer service do you offer?

  • is a collection of premium Capability statement templates created for small businesses, non-profit organizations supporting small businesses, women, veteran and other firms working in the federal marketplace. These Templates are pretty editable in future and you can modify or edit easily for specific clients.
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What is a Capabilities Statement?

A Capabilities Statement is a snapshot of your company that serves as a resume for your business. Capabilities statements are used to compare you with other vendors:

Many government agencies require that a Capabilities Statement be submitted with bids. Similarly, prime contractors can require potential subcontractors to submit capabilities statements before doing business with them.

Three standard types of capabilities statements are:

  1. A one page fold-over used to open doors and make introductions.
  2. A brochure that could be a part of a Request For Proposal response.
  3. A detailed presentation used for capabilities briefings.

What Else Can a Capabilities Statement Do?

  • A Capabilities Statement’s primary purpose is for marketing.
    The information in Capabilities Statements can be valuable when used in brochures, websites, and other promotional literature.
    When you add information about awards, certifications, and clients, the Capabilities Statement can:
  • Create a sense of trust.
  • Show maturity of your business.

What are the Capabilities Statement Formats?

  • A Capabilities Statement should be:
  • Brief (only 1 or 2 pages), to the point, and specifically related to the individual agency’s needs.
  • Visually interesting with a graphic identity similar to your company’s brand and logo.
  • A searchable document that can be easily changed and sent as a PDF file.

What should includes in the Capabilities Statement templete content?

  • Include the following information in your Capabilities Statement:

  1. Core competencies. Introduce the company’s core competencies and relate those to the customers’ specific needs.
  2. Past performance. Describe similar work you have performed for past customers.
  3. Differentiators. Discuss unique techniques or approaches that are part of your business.
  4. Corporate data. List your business details:

  • Facilities or Office Locations. List all significant and strategically placed office locations.
  • Company data. Include the size of your firm, your revenue, your available resources, your insurance and bonding capacity, and the typical geographic area you serve.
  • Contact information. Include physical address, contact person details, office telephone, office fax, email address, etc.
  • Relevant codes. List DUNS, CAGE, NAICS, NIGP, or other codes.

What kind of Corporate Data needs to create capability Statement?

  • Location: Identify the geographical locations from which your company operates. Include contact information: physical address, contact person details, office telephone, office fax, email address, etc.
  • Relevant codes: Include your DUNS, CAGE, NAICS, NIGP, or other relevant codes.
  • Web address: Include your website for additional information. Make sure your website is constantly updated and customer-focused.

How am I allowed to use them?

  • Capability statements are used when meeting with government officials or when sending emails of introduction to an official. Basically anytime your company plans to have an interaction with a federal agency, or employee of a prospective federal agency you should have your capability statement with you. You can use our capability Statement products, however, would not be allowed to use them commercially unless commercial rights are obtained.